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Addon Services

Water sport

Banana Boat Ride


Banana Boat Ride for 1 hour It's ideal to enjoy the full speed with your family, friends or couple.



From families to individuals starting from one hour add to your booking when you book our luxury houseboat a exhilarating water sports activities that will surely spell FUN to everyone!

water slide


because you need special fun and especially in the sea you will not find more fun from our water slide when you will add to your booking in our luxury houseboat to create a unforgettable moment and admire the beauty of sea water and beaches like never before.

Flyfish Boat Ride


You looking for more fun?! the flyfish best way to fulfill your wish add the Flyfish enjoy the amazing experiences when you add to your booking

Donut Boat Ride


You must have had the experience of floating on the water on a usual boat, but have you wondered how exciting it would be to afloat on a donut-shaped boat that slides through water? If not, then head to add it to your booking and indulge in this unique donut Boat ride as well

Jacuzzi Hot Tub


When we talk about relaxation, of course, the best options come with the Jacuzzi. Add the Jacuzzi to your reservation and enjoy the best ways to relax on the floating house while watching the stunning views of Doha from the waterfront.

Swimming pool


inflatable sea pools are a safe and comfortable way to enjoy swimming out in the sea during your booking experience. The pools provide protection from jellyfish and sea critters with tightly woven netting, and provide an enclosed area to prevent charter guests from floating away in the current.

Kids Swimming pool


Do you have young children that you do not want to swim in the sea, so you have to add a children's pool that is installed on the boat to enjoy children swimming safely from one years old to to three years

Event Design



Celebrating a person's birthday is important because it shows the person you're thinking of them and in turn, they feel valued by you A celebration is a special enjoyable Leave it to us and our team to add more fun and festive atmosphere, starting from the cake of your choice to decorating the balloons to translate your ideas into reality



t's time to celebrate all over again. · Here's wishing you another year of true love add to your booking the Anniversary package and enjoy your celebration

Wedding package


Contact us for more information 50008816

Bridal Shower


The bridal shower is a fun opportunity for friends and family of the bride-to-be to get together ahead of the wedding. It's an event that's all about celebrating add to your booking the bridal shower package and our team the will help you to create idea starting from the design including the sweets and drinks

Graduation Parties


It's time to celebrate educational achievement! Add to your booking graduation package and make your moment unforgettable with Our specialized team will give you the best ideas, which will include a cake of your choice to a balloon, poster and natural roses. There are unlimited options we offer you to make these moments that you will never forget

Afternoon tea package


Enjoy adding the Afternoon Tea package to your booking with a selection of sweets, tea and special juices, enough for four people, to add to your trip, sophistication and beauty while enjoying the waterfront, will be the best choice for your guests



Our romantic packages are the perfect treat for that special someone in your life with everything you need for a romantic break away. And when it comes to romance, our wonderful house boat are the perfect backdrop. Main course table d’hote dinner for two adults with salad and sweets- Small cake- -15 balloons red color- -Rose flower red color- -Design the bedroom-

Food & Beverage



It is the best choice at all to enjoy the sea atmosphere with our many options from the buffet in conjunction with our partners of five-star hotels. Add to your reservation the buffet and it will The crew members will contact you to determine the time and the best option for you from our many options. The buffet package start from 10 pax

BBQ Mixed Grill


A mixed grill party involves grilling a selection of meats with chicken and vegetable along with some ... It's a fun way to elevate a simple BBQ night, into something ...with self services BBQ Package for 10 PAX Start from

Live Shawarma


live the experience of live shawarma chicken or beef with option what you like don't worry we will do it exclusive to you when you add the live shoarma to your trip and let the chef give you the best experience enough to 20 pax

Dinner Meal


Main course table d’hote dinner with salad and sweets

Breakfast meal


if you choice a morning time you need to have breakfast add to your booking the Breakfast meal and our team will contact you to give you the best option from our selection

Juices & Fruits Box


Your best choice ,from a selection of fresh juices and fruits Add to your booking a box of juices and fruits with a total of 10 pieces

Corporate Charter

Corporate Event


EVENT HIRE IS THE BEST FIT FOR: - Office Party - Business meeting - Product Launch for more information please contact us on [email protected]

Cruise trip


Enjoy the luxury dining cruise experiences for: - breakfast -lunch -Dinner for more information please contact us on [email protected]




if you like to have a special, accomodations you are in the right place with our fleet including the incredible master bedroom and the unique views be sure that you will have the best experience